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Time for a spring clean!

Spring Jobs for the Stable Yard


It’s very nearly Easter and from what we are hearing the weather is supposed to be en pointe so why not spend a few hours getting some of your spring chores done??


How are your fields looking?

With the weather we are about to have the time is right to start harrowing and rolling your fields if you haven’t done so already. The warmer weather will help to kill any parasites living in the droppings and help to fertilise the fields at the same time.

Poached areas of field will benefit from the roller, helping to flatten out the ruts. Timing is everything with rolling, if the ground is too wet it will compact the soil or churn up the ground but if it is too dry then the roller will simply not roll!   

Whilst out in the fields is a good time to consider how much grass you have got and what quality it is. April showers cause a boom in grass and in the sugar content so it is worth assessing whether your horse might be at risk of laminitis and whether it would be worth restricting his/her turnout.


Spring Clean!

With the warmer weather and the longer days we are often inclined to spend more time outside, so why not put that time to good use by having a spring clean around the stables.

After prolonged periods of stabling the floor under the mats can become wet. Lift your bedding & mats out and give the underneath a good clean. Take the opportunity to brush down the cobwebs and dust whilst your bedding is out.

Perhaps the tack room has got a bit over crowded through the winter? Lots of centres are holding equine carboot sales at this time of year so you could make a bit of cash with your unwanted items and end up with a tidier tack room at the same time!


Beat the Fluff!

The increase in temperatures and daylight hours is causing our equine friends to shed their coats! You could spend some time this Easter giving him a helping hand!  There are many helpful brushes and combs on the market that do an amazing jobs of striping out his loose coat, making him feel more comfortable and look beautiful!


Fitness Plans

I don’t know about you but to me it has felt like a long winter! My horse has ended up spending quite a bit of time hiding in the arena out of the rain! It is important to take this into consideration as the weather improves and the show season begins to crank up! Whilst we may be very tempted to go out riding for hours, galloping through the fields or tackle our first one day event of the season it is important to consider how fit our horse is. If you, like me, have found yourself having quite a quiet winter of riding it may be worth sitting down and creating a fitness plan for yourself and your horse to make sure that he is up to the challenges that you are setting him. We don’t want to get overexcited and cause an injury!


Have a very Happy Easter! 

Posted by Dalewestern Tack on 15 April 2019 16:22

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