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To Clip or Not To Clip - That is the question!

It is that time of year again where the nights have started to draw in and the temperatures have started to cool off. 

I also run a livery yard and as I walk down the barn at night I am not sure if we are a livery yard or if perhaps we had the horses swapped out for wooly mammoths whilst I wasn't looking! Tea break talks have turned to that age old question ....... 'To Clip or Not To Clip'.

Why Clip?

Obviously the main reason for clipping is for your horses welfare. Has your horse turned into one of my wooly mammoths all of a sudden? Are they getting very sweaty when they are ridden and you are struggling to get them dry afterwards? If you are answering yes then perhaps it is time to think about clipping! 

For most riders we are rushing around trying to get our horses ridden early in the morning or late at night after work, unfortunately this is when the temperatures are lower. Our horses get sweaty because of their thick wooly coats and then the coat takes longer to dry, this leaves them susceptible to becoming cold and getting a chill. 

Health conditions are another factor to consider when deciding whether to clip. Some older horses may have condition that mean that they will require clipping. Horses with Cushings Disease grow thick wooly coats that they are not able to shed. By clipping these horses you are doing the shedding for them which will undoubtably leave them more comfortable. 

Mud fever is another condition that plagues owners during the winter months. The skin becomes softer as water stays in the coat for longer, mud then clings to the coat and allows bacteria to enter. For many horses a way to prevent mud fever or to help to treat it is to clip the area preventing mud getting caught in the hair. 

With all of our lives becoming increasingly busy another reason to clip is that generally the horses stay cleaner. Not only does the mud not clump together in the big wooly coats but you have also popped a rug on which covers the majority of your horses body leaving them less area to get muddy and you less mud to brush off! 


Which Clip?

There are a range of clips that you can use and I would recommend that you think carefully about what would suit your horse. 

It is very interesting to look up the definition of light, medium and hard work and consider just how much work your horse is in. 

Age is another facter to consider. Older horses have a tendancy to drop weight quickly throughout the winter months and so it may be worth leaving them with more of their coat so that they don't have to expend extra energy keeping warm. 

Full / Hunter ClipEndurance Clip

Blanket Clip

Trace Clip

Strip Clip



Which Clippers?

Our best selling clippers are the Wolseley Lark Clippers

They are a slim design which makes them perfect for holding for long periods of time. They are quiet, lightweight and easy to use making them ideal for everyone from first timers to the experienced clipper. 

Why not compliment these with the Wolseley Clipping Overall? They may look a little space suit like but they are fantastic at keeping the hair out of your clothing! They are reuseable and come with a handy storage bag ..... all for £9.99.

Posted by Katie - Dalewestern Tack on 09 October 2017 16:51

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